The first SILVER ION infused, 100% MULBERRY SILK, grade 6 A (long fibre), 22 momme pillowcase for clearer and more youthful looking skin.

The first choice when looking for a sleep surface that is more hygienic and kinder to your skin and hair, while helping maintain their moisture balance.

Developed using sustainable and environmentally friendly patented silver ion technology that does not alter the texture or appearance of the silk.

Taking these qualities and incorporating them with ancient silk producing techniques, non-toxic dyes, and the latest design methodology to make Ionic Pillowcase a truly innovative beauty sleep solution. An amazing beauty product for skin and hair, Ionic’s protection begins from first contact..

Our independent testing shows that an Ionic Pillowcase kills 99.9% more harmful bacteria (that is responsible for causing breakouts, skin irritations and odour) than traditional silk pillowcases left untreated by our silver ion technology. Ideal for people who are prone to breakouts.

Size – 51 x 74 cm/ 20 x 29″.

Inner pillow not included.

Always follow care label instructions.