Frequently Asked Questions

Salon Etiquette

To ensure that your visit with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, we would kindly request that the following be adhered to.

Arrival Time2019-08-29T20:27:47+01:00

We would ask all clients to arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment to allow all necessary paperwork/consultation forms to be completed & therefor not cut into your precious treatment time. Late arrival will result in shortened treatment time and in some cases your treatment will have to be rescheduled. If you are running late please call ahead to let us know and we will endeavor to accommodate you.

Booking Appointments2019-08-29T20:27:01+01:00

We strongly advise you book all appointments, be they big or small, well in advance to avoid disappointment.


In order to accommodate all of our clients to the best of our ability, any cancellation of treatment(s) must be made 24 hours in advance, failure to do so will incur a 100% charge for the service you had booked. Cancellations within the 24 hour time period will incur a 50% charge of the service you had booked. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this policy.

Mobile Phones2019-08-29T20:20:43+01:00

Please ensure your mobile phone is switched off or set to silent while visiting the clinic so that you and your fellow clients can thoroughly relax and unwind.


Under no circumstances will any skin, laser or beauty treatments, of any nature or variety, be carried out without a completed consultation/medical questionnaire prior to treatment. Consultation fees are redeemable against skincare over 50 euro purchased on the day or in regards to laser consultations redeemable against any course purchased on the day.

Patch Testing2019-08-29T20:19:01+01:00

Many of our services require a patch test 24-48 hours prior to treatment. Upon inquiry or booking you will be made aware of our patch testing policy and the need for this initial test. Any service that requires a patch test will not be carried out if you have not received the appropriate test in the aforementioned time period.

Age Restriction2019-08-29T20:18:22+01:00

Due to health, safety and insurance purposes, clients under the age of 16 are not permitted to be on the premises, unless they are being treated as a client with consent from and accompanied by a guardian or with a GP letter of consent. No exception will be made to this policy.

Credit Terms2019-08-29T20:17:38+01:00

There is no credit facility in operation at Luminess Skin and Laser Clinic.


Offers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer(s).


The management and staff of Luminess will not be held responsible for personal damages or losses while on the premises.

Laser Hair Removal

Speak to one of our Luminess professional laser consultants today to get one step closer to achieving your laser goals.

Who is Suitable for Laser Hair Removal?2019-08-19T15:01:01+01:00

Laser hair removal is ideal for anyone with dark pigmented hair who dreams of being free of waxing and shaving. Laser hair removal is also the perfect antidote to anyone suffering from ingrown hairs as a result of other types of hair removal.

How Long Do Treatments Take?2019-08-19T15:00:20+01:00

This will depend on the area being treated,larger areas will take a longer amount of time compared to smaller areas for example; A full leg laser treatment can take between 15-20 minutes, compare that to less than 5 minutes for an upper lip laser treatment.

Generally treatments are very quick meaning that you could easily pop in on your lunch break without interfering with the rest of your day.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?2019-08-19T14:59:38+01:00

Clients report a very mild discomfort although this does differ from client to client and also depends on the area being treated but all in all no laser hair removal is a very comfortable treatment. Our GentleMax Pro laser machine has the added bonus of an inbuilt cooling device meaning treatments are not only fast but gentle on the skin too.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?2019-08-19T15:02:08+01:00

We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments for any laser hair removal treatment as this will allow us to monitor your progress and assess if any additional treatments may be needed.

Can I Wax Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?2019-08-19T14:58:09+01:00

No. Waxing, tweezing, threading and bleaching is strictly forbidden whilst you are having laser hair removal treatments. Shaving is the only hair removal method allowed during your laser hair removal journey.



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