Advanced Skinsultation

(40 mins) €30

Skin is our passion and so what better way to more accurately prescribe the ultimate skincare regime and treatment plan then to scan your skin! Our Observ Digital skin scanning device allows your therapist to analyse your skin at a dermal level giving a greater insight into how your skin behaves and what it needs to reach optimal skin health. During your 45 minute Observ skin analysis your therapist will position your face comfortably onto the Observ and proceed to take 6 detailed pictures of your skin, each one telling a skin story of its own. From these advanced skin pictures your therapist will then be able to accurately pinpoint any issues within the skin and prescribe a bespoke skincare programme tailored specifically for your skin.

Tips for your Skinsultation (Advanced or Verbal)

In order to analyse your skin in its true form, we ask that you arrive to the clinic having cleansed your skin at least 2-3 hours beforehand. This allows time for your skin to secrete any natural oils that are normally present on the skin. These oils make up part of the skin’s natural eco-system and are an integral component during the analysis process.

We would also strongly recommend that your skin is free of moisturiser, spf or any other topical products, this will allow for a more accurate assessment.

If you are currently following a skincare regime we recommend that you bring your products with you to your Skinsultation so that we may advise you on how to best utilise them and we may also make some recommendations for additional products to be incorporated with your current routine.

For Advanced or Verbal Skinsultions we strongly advise that you do not have any false tan on your skin on the day of your appointment as this will obstruct your therapists view of your skin.

To monitor your skin’s progress we recommend photographs be taken on the first day of your new skincare programme and monthly thereafter to keep track of how your skin is improving.

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