Laser Consultation

(30 mins) €20 

Luminess loves laser! And we use only the best in the form of medical grade laser. Candela is regarded as the gold standard in laser technology world wide. This FDA approved grade 4 medical laser combines comfort, safety and results.

Our Candela GentleMax Pro medical laser is capable of treating a variety of concerns including unwanted hair, skin lesions and pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. Depending on the laser treatment you wish to have, your expert laser therapist will clearly explain all details of the treatment, what your result is likely to be and what you are required to do prior to and after every treatment.

A patch test must be carried out before any laser treatment can be performed and a health questionnaire must be completed in order to asses if you are a suitable candidate for laser treatments. For more information on our laser treatments please speak to one of our Laser Consultants.

Luminess Laser Treatment Clinic


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